New sensor harness

Well, it was about time. For my Engineering Design II class, my project is a  Sensor-Aware Personal Trainer. The basic idea is I use a few inertial measurement units (IMU’s) attached to various limbs of a human body and track the orientation of said limbs. By tracking the orientation of two connected limbs, I can find the angle of one relative to the other. In order to do this correctly, a harness had to be created in order to attach the sensor to the limb in question.

Previous attempts at putting the sensor hardware in a plastic enclosure with a Velcro hook backing and attaching to a Velcro strap around the limb failed me. Why did it fail, you ask? Simply put, the Velcro-Velcro bond is not very secure, it tends to move around quite a bit while moving your limbs. I think this is a problem of surface area, the sensor is only in contact with a small area of Velcro.

The solution hit me like a wall of bricks today, while I was curiously looking around for parts. I stumbled upon what looked like a tiny file cabinet in the design lab on campus. As it so happens, the file cabinet is actually a business card holder. There were plastic pieces which looked like file folders except they were most likely used as dividers. I took a few of these and suddenly realized a new way to get the sensors onto the limb with maximum contact area, and off to work I went.


Look and behold!